SMEDAN Certificate Registration: How to Register and Obtain SMEDAN Certificate

SMEDAN Certificate registration – Read this article to know how you can register for your SMEDAN certificate and when to get the actual certificate in hard copy. SMEDAN business certificate is very important to have as it shows your business is being recognized by the government as a Small and Medium Scale Enterprise.

Your SMEDAN certificate is a prove that you’re running a legitimate business that has been registered with SMEDAN. This article will guide you through the entire registration process with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency.

SMEDAN Business Registration certificate is very important to have as a business owner because it gives you easy access to government loans. The MSME sector is being regulated by SMEDAN and MSMEs or business therein are expected to register for their SMEDAN certificate.

SMEDAN Registration Portal

SMEDAN registration portal is You can register for your SMEDAN certificate on the portal. There are several advantages of registering for your business certificate with the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency one of which is easy access to loans and grants from the federal government.

SMEDAN Loans are easily accessible to those who have registered their businesses with the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development Agency. Also, it is very important for SMEDAN to have data about the MSME sector and the best way they can do that is to get these data during the SMEDAN Certificate registration.

How to Register for SMEDAN Certificate

All businesses that are registered with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency are eligible to get funding from the government and from the private sector as well. Registering your business with SMEDAN in order to obtain your certificate is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit SMEDAN portal
  2. Input your email address, name and phone number.
  3. Fill in your business itenaries which may include your business name, type of business, employees, etc.
  4. SMEDAN website will generate a certificate containing your business name and SMEDAN registration number.
  5. You can download the certificate from your email address or login to SMEDAN website to view it electronically.

If you are among the business owners who are yet to obtain their SMEDAN certificate, please ensure you do so immediately. The MSME sector is fast growing and you should endeavour to jump on this opportunity while it last.

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